Frontier GeoTek

A spatial analytics company

The promise of GIS, network documentation, and back-office systems.


Frontier GeoTek’s vast experience with various network data base platforms and ability to provide integration with back-office systems is our key to providing value across the enterprise.

Spatial Analytics

Location-based data, which has always been critical to business for uncovering opportunities and increasing productivity, has become exponentially enriched by the variety, breadth, and velocity of data available today.

Data Governance

Data governance has become critical as more organizations rely on data for complex business decisions, optimization of operations, and delivery of new products and services.

Design And Draft

Having these resources in house enables building of GIS applications and solutions, but to promote the care and feeding of the data driving them. These resources serve as subject matter experts in the development of new tools and processes, minimizing the release cycles.


Custom serviceability applications with integrated spatial components and multiple large volume data sources


Custom in house geocoding logic increasing accuracy and decreasing cost compared to large provider web services or enterprise geocoding implementations


Traditional GIS and mapping services for data vizualation, catering to government reporting.

Data Analytics

Broad range of large data analytics incorporating spatial components.

GIS Web Development

Custom Geocode web based solutions including address standardization, verification and cleansing.

Design And Draft

Large telecommunication network design and draft including Fiber to The Home, Wireless, and RF Docsis.

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